About the Archive

Lars Tunbjörk had his studio in a small house called the "Mayor's Villa" at the end of Västerbron in Stockholm, for many years. There he kept his darkroom where a lot of the iconic color prints were made by Tunbjörk himself. The house was a creative collective with other photographers and writers sharing thoughts and encouraged each other. A cultural context where Lars Tunbjörk could focus on his artistic work.

Today the archive is transferred to and stored in another building, in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm. All prints, negatives, printed matters and books are collected and preserved in one place and the work with organization and digitalization began in May 2016. Thanks to generous grants the Foundation has the privilege to employ a project leader, Mia Bengtsson Plynning,  working with the archive.

The main focus right now is to digitalize the classic series "Landet utom sig"/"The country beside itself". An analogue collection of prints and negatives are being scanned and preserved in age-resistant packages. The aim is to work through the most important collections to make them available for research and viewing in complete form. And along the way we will also publish unseen, odd and old collections from Tunbjörk's rich production on this website.